What types of Collagen existe and which is the best one?

What types of Collagen exist and which one is the best?

Each collagen displays its uniqueness in the symphony of functions of our body. In this article we will develop which are the most important, for example, type 1 collagen or type 2 collagen are the best known. However, first we must answer the question: what, in essence, is collagen?

Collagen, that master piece of body structure, contributes to the wide range of functions it performs in different tissues and organs. From weaving a matrix around the veins to giving elasticity to the skin and structure to the organs. Next, we will examine what types of collagen exist specifically in each area of ​​the body.

Collagen Type 1: The Essence of Youth and Elasticity in Skin and Organs.

In the fascinating universe of our body, collagen is the main actor, and Type 1 Collagen shines with its own light. This type of collagen, omnipresent in 90% of the skin, hair, nails, organs, bones and ligaments, even in the cornea of ​​our eyes, plays a stellar role in preserving youth and bone structure.

Collagen type 2: Support for Joints and Mobility.

Type 2 collagen's mission is to preserve joint elasticity, a key factor that shapes the mobility and flexibility of our body. It is essential to reduce joint inflammation, since it is the fundamental piece in cartilage tissues. In this biomechanical dance, Type 2 Collagen relieves tension and guarantees harmonious movement.

Collagen type 3: Versatility in Tissues

Its main function is linked to the support of organs that undergo expansion. It is found in muscle tissues, in the walls of veins, in the intestinal walls, in the lungs and in certain glands of the body; including blood vessels and internal organs.

So, what is the best type of Collagen?

Without a doubt, the collagen that exists in 90% of our body is the best to administer in daily doses. Type 1 collagen is not only essential for preventing the first signs of aging in the skin, but it also plays a vital role in revitalizing and renewing the structure of organs, skin, ligaments and bones.

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